12 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Hardware Stores


(1) For effective recovery of images for online use or print, we offer:

Despeckling, Denoising, Grain, noise or dirt

Sizing, cropping, Redeye corrections

Shiny complexion, improve skin tone as preferred, Finish it real,

Brightness and contrast, Fine adjustments for color cast and skin tone

Excessive shadows, Stray hair, Fixing clothing wrinkles or flaws

Removing blemishes, dirt, Adjust shadows, Reduce shakes

Air Brushing, Digital facelifts, Hollywood Glamorization

Permanent wrinkles, acne, blemishes

Altering facial features, Whiteness, perfection of teeth

Body build or shape – fill in, thin out

(2) For creative improvement of images for online or for Landscaping Service great print results, we offer:

Improvement and production of your images for Personalized gifts & puzzles, mugs, t-shirts, Personalized calendars and cards, Personalized home dcor, Posters and canvases, Frames and albums, Bound photo books, Portrait services, Personalized art iconic art,

Custom borders, Replica magazine cover borders, Legacy’s event borders, Stock event borders, Custom borders per customer design, Graphics

(3) If you have old or damaged images, we offer Restoration, Retouching, Colorization and Makeover

Restoration: Photo restoration, Art Restoration, photo repair and restoration, antique photo restoration

Restore photos, Remove stains, Remove tears, dirt, Restoring damages, scratches, water damage, fading, frame album glue damage, Loss of pigments, Loss of chemical coats, Silver fish damage, Fire or smoke partial damage, intensive denoising, Photographic corrections, Deconvulation, Restore with customer borders, Portraitize, Restore to water color, oil painting or pastel shades, Bringing back moldy, torn, cracked or folded images, Despeckling, Repairing color discoloration, Repairing minor shake, Repairing bad lighting and more.


Black & white to color, color to black & white, sepia tone conversions, Digital hand coloring, color adjustments, Color balancing, Color tones, Color tints, Color matching, Color sequencing, Selective tints, Splash of color, Artistic imagination, New color schemes, Modernization, Duo tones, Tritones, 4 colors, Contrast themes, Color ageing, Poster colors, Portrait colors, Resequence to formal colors, Resequence to casual colors, Resequence to fit a custom theme or an event, Glossy to matte finish or vice versa, Correction of color shifts and more.


Resize, Crop or trim any part of the photo, Cropping for a target print, Brighten, Lighten, Darken, Contrast adjustments & balancing, Red Eye repair, Whiten teeth, Sharpen image, Adjust colors, Tonal Color Contrast curves, Brushing, Blurring, Sharpening, Smudging, Fetching, Healing, Dodging, Burning, Stamping, Sponging, De-blurring, Minor focus improvement, De-focusing, Noise reduction, Design with noise addition, Ageing, Blending, Distorting, Liquefying, Accounting Extracting, Level adjusting, Channel mixing, Shadow adjustments, Highlight adjustment, Fixing of clipped highlights, Add edit, or remove, caption or text, Add texture and more.


Remove or smoothen wrinkles, Remove braces, scars, spots, tattoos, moles and other blemishes, Add and remove hair, Change hair color, eye color, clothing color, Beauty makeovers, Add a beauty spot (like a popular personality), Hollywood glamorization, Change hairstyles and hair dos, Edit photo facial expressions (bring a smile on), Change lighting and mood of the photograph, Change the background or scenery, Relocate an image (from indoors to outdoors for example) Change color or patterns for objects Home & Garden in the background, Remove patterns or textures from the image, Superimpose two images, Add or remove people from a frame, Add or remove objects from a page, Add or remove a cap, hair band, jewelry or accessory, Clothing and cosmetics makeover, Fit to an event or a theme and more

(4) If you are a progressive webmaster and your users post images in your site, we have revenue Diagnostic Services creation opportunities for you. Innovative partnerships that make your customers photos look great, increase visit stickiness and creating a partnership revenue stream.

(5) If you are an artist (digital, analog or fusion), a collector, auctioneer, museum, art gallery, art appreciator or a student Hats of art, Fireia is coming soon with online art galleries, story boards, global community of art appreciators and online art catalog with a global reach and online auctions.